Tuesday, 25 October 2016

              On 24th Oct, 2016, ETV plus visited our campus with their team “JIL JIL JIGA” to organize their show.  It was a day long extravaganza and students were ecstatic.  Our students showcased their talents in different areas of entertainment like solo dance, group dance, singing, mono action etc.  The anchors were professionals and they extracted the best out of students.   Then we had a short break where our college provided delicious lunch to all the team members of JIL JIL JIGA.

           Afternoon session had started with various games conducted by the crew. Students participated with zeal in GUNNY JUMP, BALLOON BLAST, SYE ANTEY SYE and GARLAND GAME.  The program was a treat to watch and melodramatic.  Cheers and claps filled the air and the show inspired students to swerve to the music.  It was a good exposure for the students to see how much team work is essential to put up a successful show.
  On this note we would like to thank our principal, Sr. Emmy and respected members of the staff who gave us wonderful opportunity to express ourselves.

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