Tuesday, 9 October 2018


  Task Training Program on skill development is scheduled to all the final year degree students from October 8th to 15th 2018. The 7 day training is taken over by team of trainers of Mahindra pride on various topics like Soft Skills, Life Skills and interview preparation Skills. Students are participating with great fun and joy in all the activity based learning sessions.

KSF 6th October 2018

Finance Club – Blue Chip
The theme for the KSF activity of Finance Club, Blue Chip was Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding is an innovative source of raising funds in small amounts from the public via the internet for a specific purpose like a business venture, charity/donations , religious or political activities. 
To enable the students to have a practical exposure to investing and getting returns, the club members ran a crowd funding campaign. (watch video below) to mobilize a fund of Rs.2,000.
                  Please insert video here
The contributors were promised a return on the units purchased. The fund was invested in food stalls and game stalls set up on the campus by the club members for 2 hours. The revenue generated was Rs.4,800 approx. and after deducting fund expenses the amount was distributed among the unit holders. Each unit holder got a return of 100%. (i.e Rs.20). The stall members were asked to prepare the accounts for their stall and ascertain the profit /loss and present the balance sheet. 
Students participated enthusiastically and were very excited about doubling their investment in just a week. Ms.Sirisha Goud, Ms.Anisha Thomas and Ms. Jhanavi did a presentation on the concept of Crowd Funding followed by a short quiz on the same. Overall it was a great learning experience.


        A 3 day certified painting workshop was organized for degree students in Collaboration with Pidilite company from October 1st  onwards. The workshop included training classes in fabric painting, clay Jewellery making and "Tie & Dye" process.
A strength of 42 students participated with great interest and enthusiasm.


Saturday, 22 September 2018

HINDI DIWAS was celebrated on 20-09-2018.

MBA club Activities conducted on September 15, 2018

HR - Kaizen Club Activities

Presentation: PPT on flexible work arrangements named, “Tax, Flex, Max” conveying the message “Do not Tax your brains too much, Flex your work arrangements and Maximise your potential”. It covered types of flexible work arrangements followed globally, throwing light on the companies that are giving Flexi Year option to its employees.

“Tie and Fly”:  An activity for MBA Juniors. Each team consisted of 5 members with a member as the leader. The leader directs 4 blindfolded team members to the destination using only oral instructions. The aim of the activity was to foster team spirit and leadership skills.

Finance - Blue Chip Club Activities

Presentation:  PPT on “Recent Financial Scams” by P. Alekhya, K. Susmitha and B. Uma Rani of MBA  Sem III

Country Suno Currency Pakdo: An interesting activity involving students was conducted wherein students were made aware of different countries and their currencies.  A fun game imparting  basic  general knowledge.  The winner of the game was Niloufer of MBA Sem I .

Financebola: “Financebola” (Tambola spin off) was conducted for juniors.  Students were divided into ten groups along with two senior students in each group.  Answers were given to the groups beforehand and students had to choose the correct answers for the questions asked. The intention was to make the students gain fundamentals of finance through fun. The game ended in a draw and no winner was declared.

Marketing - PK Club Activities

Presentation:  PPT on Traditional and Trending topic “Marketing Research” (TopResearch Agencies in India) by Ms.Lahari and Ms.Mamtha of MBA Sem III
Activity :  An organized activity for MBA 1st years. It was conducted in 2 rounds with 24 students divided in to 6 groups. 1st round “Head Brand”- Students were paired; one student should enact the product which is stuck on another student’s forehead. The aim is to showcase their creative bent of mind for advertising, brands and marketing related endeavours. 2nd round named “Beja- fry customers” in which students enacted a skit on 

“Gayathramma shop” of showing different fickle minded customers visiting this shop. Based on this skit, the groups were questioned on  the type of customers visited and the type of  products asked by them from the shop. The winners are Ayarkeerthi, Divya, Shivani,and Kiranmai of MBA Sem I

Start Up Club

Presentation - PPT on “Business Model Canvas” to enlighten students on a systematic approach to start a business venture.

Activity: an activity was conducted on “Innovative Idea” each team of 5 members of 5 teams have selected different resources and were motivated to create a innovative product. They were judged on the basis of their creativity, team work and marketability. The winners Ms. Shivani, Ms Supriya, Ms. Kiranmai, Ms Kalpana, Ms. Nazia of MBA Sem I

Industrial visit


The industrial visit to Pochampally organized by our college in collaboration with Acumen connect.
Pochampally is a village which is located about 50 Kms away from Hyderabad.  The students visited three places. They are:
Visiting Pochamplly Handloom Park Ltd, which is very famous for the IKAT Art, Students learnt about the various processes like making of threads the tie and dye, joining process, and weaving process so on involved in making of the IKAT designed Sarees. Later the finished product undergoing a quality check in the industry store.  After the check, these products are exported to other countries. Visit to the Pochamplly Museum.  In the Museum Students came to know about the history of the IKAT Art, its existence and the uniqueness of it. Visit to the local weavers, where the Students came to know about the lifestyles, their art and lively hood and the problems,  they face due to inadequate knowledge of the business strategies. Around 8 ‘0’ clock we reached to our college, and everyone headed to their house.

                MOOCs a training session on Aptitude and reasoning ability of Degree Final Year Students by Telangana Academy for skill and knowledge (TASK) was held on 11th and 12th September, 2018.  Students appeared for an online entrance test. An overview of the online course was given, that is to be continued after the entrance test, for enhancing our skills in Aptitude & Reasoning, as it is one of the essentials for most of the competitive examinations. The certification of merit on the completion of the course will be done by the TASK Academy.

Friday, 7 September 2018



        Teachers Day 5th September, 2018, is one day in a year dedicated to our teachers.  A special program was held to make our teachers happy and express our love towards them. Dances and skits were performed by the students, to entertain our Lecturers. Few fun games and activities too were conducted. Finally, gifts were presented as a token of love. It was a day filled with excitement, fun joy and happiness.



Thursday, 23 August 2018

Industrial Visits: 

As part of the curriculum students of MBA II Year Students were taken to Industrial visit to Three Factories in Hyderabad -
  1. Dolphin Food Chocolate Factory,
  2. Parle-G Biscuit Factory & 
  3. Nanda Foods Bread Factory on 21 Aug, 2018.
The Students had practical understanding of the entire process of mixing, moulding, dyeing and baking of all the products - Chocolates, Biscuits & Bread as well. They enjoyed these visits since it gave them practical insights from the various processes happening in these industries. It was a great learning experience for them. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Independence Day Celebrations: 

72nd Independence was celebrated with great zeal and honour. Degree Department,  Literati Club members organized the whole Celebration very  meticulously - Prayer for India,  Hoisting the flag, Groups singing Patriotic songs and speeches giving the significance of the day were also included. MBA department too took this opportunity to do their part to owe respect and had come with a small series of enactments depicting various social evils still gripping our Nation today and requesting the youth to fight these evils and make India truly free. Enactments included concepts of freedom from violence against women, freedom from exploitation and pollution of nature freedom from communal differences.

Rexona Communicates All-Day Freshness with College Students. 

Speaking to the students the volunteers said, “The thinking behind the Rexona was to create awareness about hygiene with the youth and bring out the core proposition of the brand. The concept fitted in well as Rexona is a hard working brand, doesn’t let you down, and promises all-day freshness. It has received a great response from all the students.”

Faculty Development Program

Faculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education. It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution of higher education has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to students. So as an Institution who strongly believes on the above said principle a Faculty development program on “Personal Effectiveness at Work Place” was conducted by Mrs V. Vyjayanthi on 10/08/2018. 

Wide range of topics were discussed and analysed like Increasing diversity of students - with varying age, aspirations, cultural, and academic backgrounds. Effective faculty must support the learning of those students with diverse learning needs, and develop curricula and teaching strategies appropriate for a wide range of learning environments.

The opportunities and challenges of technology: Technologies offer many opportunities to enhance learning processes with information, simulations, and engaging learning activities, and faculty members must have the knowledge and skills to take advantage of these advances in their teaching and curriculum planning.


Any given day every college works towards to give placements for all its students; and every student dreams of getting the best job. HireMee is a state-of-the-art web portal that aims to bridge this gap and ensure that bright young graduates from colleges across India are discovered by companies.

St. Ann’s College keeping in view with their placement agenda wants to support the students to get their dream job by associating with HireMee.

HireMee conducted an online skill assessment test. Later on the students were also briefed on how to register and update a video resume, on their App which can assure a better and faster placement.


Accessibility of the Internet in today’s world has changed the way of communication and life style of people. Believe me the number of people who go online every day is increasing day by day according to new survey reports. The way people shop and buy has changed along with changing times. Marketing means to connect with your audience in the right place and at the right time. Today, that means you need to meet them via internet. This way of marketing is Digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. 

About the programme

The college in collaboration with Accumen Connect an online Edu-Tech platform is conducting training programme in digital marketing weekly once for 2 hours in the college premises.

After the competition of this program, students will receive certificates stating that each student has acquired the skill set of Digital Marketing. 

GHMC Drive

GHMC have adapted new methodologies to curb mosquito menace by using technology to alert people about the need to control the mosquito population responsible for vector-borne diseases. Accordingly, GHMC developed a mosquito app to help the citizens in learning more about mosquito menace, besides earning cash prize through lucky draw. 

This mobile app is introduced to bring awareness among people of Hyderabad on prevention and control of Dengue, Malaria Mosquito control & to encourage citizens to practice and assist the Municipal Corporation in Mosquito control activities. Every month, a DRAW will be taken from those who have answered correctly all questions in the App and submitted and thus, 10 such eligible citizens will be selected and given prizes.

As a part of that initiative GHMC authorities came to the college showed how to download the app and encouraged the students to participate in the quiz contest. Students showed keenness and eagerness in downloading the app and partaking in the quiz.


Friday, 27 July 2018

Feast of our Patroness St. Ann.

Each year, on 25th July, the students and staff at the college dispense with the usual activities and participated in a special celebration to honour our patron saint. This time it was memorable one because we celebrated Fresher’s day on the same day. The students performed culture shows welcoming the fresh batch students. The campus was reverberated with songs and dances and other programmes.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

UG ID Card

Dear Students, Kindly fill up your details for ID card by clicking the link below...

ID Card Form


                  Orientation programme was organized by St Ann’s College Mallapur on 7th July 2018. Principal Sister Emmy gave brief introduction about the institution, introduced the faculty members and the various facilities available for the students in the college. In her address to the students, she said "Education with Values are the two important factors that a student should imbibe in their life to be successful."

               Retirement is a huge milestone and a great reason to celebrate. One of the best ways to celebrate retirement is honoring the person for the past accomplishments as well as wishing good luck for the future endeavors. This year we bid farewell to our senior Lecturer Mrs Nailini Mam who gave 20 years of her valuable services for the college.