Monday, 29 October 2018


Finance Club - Blue Chip

Finance Club, Blue Chip conducted  “Vaikuntapali” a game of snake & ladders – with a difference. The objective of the game was to assess basic accounting and finance knowledge of B.Com and MBA students through the board game. 7 teams consisting of 5 members each were the finalists. The snake and ladder board was drawn on the floor and a few number squares had both a snake and ladder. One girl from each team represented a coin and took position on the board. In each round the number the team got from the throw of dice was the moves to be taken on the board. If a team landed on a number square which had both ladder and snake, they were asked a question from Accounting/Finance. For a correct answer they moved up the ladder and for a wrong answer they came down the snake. The team which was at the highest number square after 8 rounds was declared winner. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Winners:   P.G. (MBA)     Anu Durga, Jayanthi Ravali, Lokeshwari, Navya, Pranaya.
                 U.G. (B.Com)   Soniya Patel, Syeda Alia Fatima, Fatima Unisa, Sulail Fatima, Neha.

IT Club - GEOP 

To develop students' Digital Citizenship Skills GEOP Club had conducted a competition named " BLINK - THE POWER OF CLICK" . It is an activity that involves a group of 3 students solving and capturing 15 challenges given by the GEOP Club . Total 25 teams participated both from P.G. and U.G.

Winners from P.G.
1st prize -. B.Jyothi, V.Bhavana, K.Pooja Bai  [M.B.A. IIyr]
2nd prize - M.Phani Deepthi, Chaitanya D, Twinkle Yadav [M.B.A. IIyr]

Winners from U.G.
1st prize - Ayesha, Sulail, Mamatha [ B.Com Computers III yr]
2nd prize - G.V.Nagarani, Nivedita, Tejaswini Priya (B.Sc[MSCs]) Iyr

HR Club: Kaizen

HR club organized ‘Mask’a-‘Task’a : Role playing Competition. 58 participants were registered. A Preliminary Round was conducted on 25 Oct, 2018 and 40 participants were shortlisted. Following rounds were conducted on 26 Oct, 2018 for the shortlisted participants - Bol Lady Bol round (JAM session)  and “Mask” a -“Task”a, (a role play)- Students were paired randomly by the organisers and given their roles and situations beforehand.U. G students had no language barrier as their situations were in social context,while P. G students were given situations from Organisational context. Criteria for Judgement were the 3 C s: Confidence Content Communication.
The Winners:
U. G: Sonia Patel B.Com III C, Preethi Vaidya BCom I C – 1st Prize
P. G: A. Sindhuja MBA I A, MasarathUnnisa MBA I B – 1st Prize

Commerce Club - @Trades

Commerce Club @ Trades conducted a competition titled “AD-STARS” for both UG & PG students to test the advertising skill among students. All the teams were asked to come out with advertisement of their own creative products for the given brands. For example: Nirma, Boost, Dove, Johnson etc…
The Winners were:
PG:  MBA II Year:  Manatha , Kavya, Gayatri,Sunanina,Lahar                           :  I Prize
        MBA I year: A.sneha,Sushma, Geetha Bhavani,B.Pravalika, R.Pravalika   :  II Prize

UG:  B.Sc III year: Priyanka, Vennela, Dharani, K.Keerthi, Rajitha            :   I Prize
         B.Com III year: Roopanjali, Tejaswini, Sushmitha, Pragathi              :  II Prize

Marketing Club - PK  

Brand Swirl is a digital Spin game conducted on 26th October 2018. The competition was Group activity held in 3 rounds - “Spin to Win”, “Ringa-Ringa Roses”, “Audio spin”.   14 teams participated in the competition.
The winners of the competition were 4 teams 2 from PG and 2 from UG

1st prize: CH. Sahithi, G.Mounica, Nisha Kumari and Twinkle Yadav
2nd prize: B.Nikhita, Santhoshi, K.Srilaxmi, and P.Ramya

1st prize: K. Aishwarya, v.Rohini, M.Vaishnavi, and Twesha
2nd prize: Tejaswi, Swathi, Rajeshwari, and Mounika

Startup Club

Startup  club organised a“Startup Idea competition" titled  ‘ Be Bold You" to encourage students takea first step towards entrepreneurship.There was an overwhelming participation by the students of both post graduation as well as under graduation under two different categories.42 teams participated enthusiastically and 26 of them were screened in the preliminary round and promoted to the next round. A preliminary round was conducted on October 26, 2018. Final round was conducted for the shortlisted participants on 27 October 2018.
UG: Ms. Srujana& Ms. Ragini B.Com Computers 2nd year   – 1st Prize
Ms. Samreen & Ms. FariyaB.Com Computers 2nd year- 2nd Prize 

PG:  Ms.Sindhuja and Ms. Keerthi    MBA I Year – 1st Prize
Ms. Karuna and Ms. Masrath MBA I Year–Consolation Prize

Science Club - Sci-Phi

Sci-phi club organised a quiz competition " TEEKSHANA" to test their General knowledge, logical reasoning and thinking abilities. Three rounds were carried out - odd man out , geomentrical dumbsharades and logical reasoning. 51 teams  consisting of 102 participants registered.  Due to this overwhelming response for registrations, a preliminary round was conducted on October 25, 2018 and 39 teams were shortlisted. Again three rounds were conducted on 27 October 2018, for the shortlisted teams. 7 teams reached the final round. 

UG : Sarika and Keerthi from BSc 3rd year   –  1st Prize
         A.Vani and G.Rajeshwari BSc 3rd year –  2nd Prize

PG: P.Mounika anu Durga & M.Harini MBA II Year – 1st Prize
        P.Alekya & P.Mounika MBA I Year                    –  2nd Prize

Literary Club - Literati

Literati club considers success and communication are very closely related with each other. In today's competitive world, good LSRW (listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills provide the right key to success. These skills are required to maintain relationships and better understanding which are vital in both personal and professional life.

With these thoughts in mind Literati club conducted Think Wise Win Prize Competition for Annite Fiesta 27/10/2018
In this competition the students have to listen to an audio and recognize the voice of the person speaking in the audio, within 30 seconds, then a picture is displayed and the participant should describe the picture in 1 minute. Our dictum was to amaze the student in such a way that he essentially come to a conclusion that exceptional Listening and Speaking skills ensures success in his/her personal and professional life. 

From MBA 11 students participated in the competition. 
1st prize winner T Mounika MBA 1st year 
2nd Prize winner G Srilakshmi  

From Degree 24 students participated in the competition. 
1st prize winner B Priyanka 3rd year
2nd Prize winner Sulail Fatima 3rd year


GO GREEN CLUB has conducted an activity on “EARTH OVERSHOOT DAY”, tagline “#MOVE THE DATE”. Participants have to make Digital Collage making cum PPT presentation. They have to make presentation on these four major areas FOOD, CITIES, POPULATION & ENERGY for improving sustainability.
Number of participants from P.G. (5 teams)
1.     Snigdha
2.     Masarathunnissa & Shaik Hazara Fathima
Number of participants from U.G. (9 teams)
1.     L. Latha & M. Prasanna Lakshmi

2.     Kashant Tejasvi & Induri Keerthi




Tuesday, 9 October 2018


        A 3 day certified painting workshop was organized for degree students in Collaboration with Pidilite company from October 1st  onwards. The workshop included training classes in fabric painting, clay Jewellery making and "Tie & Dye" process.
A strength of 42 students participated with great interest and enthusiasm.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Independence Day Celebrations: 

72nd Independence was celebrated with great zeal and honour. Degree Department,  Literati Club members organized the whole Celebration very  meticulously - Prayer for India,  Hoisting the flag, Groups singing Patriotic songs and speeches giving the significance of the day were also included. MBA department too took this opportunity to do their part to owe respect and had come with a small series of enactments depicting various social evils still gripping our Nation today and requesting the youth to fight these evils and make India truly free. Enactments included concepts of freedom from violence against women, freedom from exploitation and pollution of nature freedom from communal differences.

Rexona Communicates All-Day Freshness with College Students. 

Speaking to the students the volunteers said, “The thinking behind the Rexona was to create awareness about hygiene with the youth and bring out the core proposition of the brand. The concept fitted in well as Rexona is a hard working brand, doesn’t let you down, and promises all-day freshness. It has received a great response from all the students.”

Faculty Development Program

Faculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education. It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution of higher education has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to students. So as an Institution who strongly believes on the above said principle a Faculty development program on “Personal Effectiveness at Work Place” was conducted by Mrs V. Vyjayanthi on 10/08/2018. 

Wide range of topics were discussed and analysed like Increasing diversity of students - with varying age, aspirations, cultural, and academic backgrounds. Effective faculty must support the learning of those students with diverse learning needs, and develop curricula and teaching strategies appropriate for a wide range of learning environments.

The opportunities and challenges of technology: Technologies offer many opportunities to enhance learning processes with information, simulations, and engaging learning activities, and faculty members must have the knowledge and skills to take advantage of these advances in their teaching and curriculum planning.

GHMC Drive

GHMC have adapted new methodologies to curb mosquito menace by using technology to alert people about the need to control the mosquito population responsible for vector-borne diseases. Accordingly, GHMC developed a mosquito app to help the citizens in learning more about mosquito menace, besides earning cash prize through lucky draw. 

This mobile app is introduced to bring awareness among people of Hyderabad on prevention and control of Dengue, Malaria Mosquito control & to encourage citizens to practice and assist the Municipal Corporation in Mosquito control activities. Every month, a DRAW will be taken from those who have answered correctly all questions in the App and submitted and thus, 10 such eligible citizens will be selected and given prizes.

As a part of that initiative GHMC authorities came to the college showed how to download the app and encouraged the students to participate in the quiz contest. Students showed keenness and eagerness in downloading the app and partaking in the quiz.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Feast of our Patroness St. Ann.

Each year, on 25th July, the students and staff at the college dispense with the usual activities and participated in a special celebration to honour our patron saint. This time it was memorable one because we celebrated Fresher’s day on the same day. The students performed culture shows welcoming the fresh batch students. The campus was reverberated with songs and dances and other programmes.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

UG ID Card

Dear Students, Kindly fill up your details for ID card by clicking the link below...

ID Card Form


                  Orientation programme was organized by St Ann’s College Mallapur on 7th July 2018. Principal Sister Emmy gave brief introduction about the institution, introduced the faculty members and the various facilities available for the students in the college. In her address to the students, she said "Education with Values are the two important factors that a student should imbibe in their life to be successful."

               Retirement is a huge milestone and a great reason to celebrate. One of the best ways to celebrate retirement is honoring the person for the past accomplishments as well as wishing good luck for the future endeavors. This year we bid farewell to our senior Lecturer Mrs Nailini Mam who gave 20 years of her valuable services for the college.

Friday, 16 March 2018


An Inter- Collegiate management meet- Avishkaar 2018 was held on 14 Mar, 2018.  Formal events included “Prasthuthi”-  a paper presentation competition on emerging management topics, “Antha Prerna” – a game conducted by Dr. Radhika Meenakshi Shankar to bring out the entrepreneurial traits in the participants, “Ad-Chakma”,  a  rib-tickling spoof of advertisements, “Nirdeshak”  - an attempt to encourage management students to sharpen their creative skills by shooting  a short film were held. Besides these Formal events, the informal events “Nrithya” and “Kreeda” brought a special flavor to the day with colorful dances and fun- filled Tambola games.
Mr. Sai Kiran Gunda, Founder of Startup Premier League was the Chief Guest to Avishkaar 2K18. Around 100  students from various Colleges the city participated in the Event.  The Event was a grand success in showcasing the knowledge and skills of management Students.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018


The Degree Staff members and Students of the college bid an emotional farewell to the outgoing final year degree students batch(2015-18) on 11th Feb,2018. 

In her farewell speech, Principal said "Meetings and partings are part every walk of life but we need to go on..."  She thanked the God almighty, for every beautiful experience they have had together as a family for the past three years that kept each of them happy and cheerful. She implored God's blessings and graces on them for their future saying "As you stand at the threshold of a new beginning, to open a new chapter of your life, to venture new endeavors, to take up new challenges in the new phase of your life, our good wishes will always follow you."

Placement Drive : Hinduja Global Solution on 9th Feb, 2018.

No. of Students attended : 130
No. of Students selected  : 15(10 Degree, 5 MBA)

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Friday, 5 January 2018

Mother General's Visit:

Visit of Mother General, Mother Francesca and Vicar General, Sr. Jaya Victor to our College on 4th Jan,2018. 

Christmas Celebrations:

Christmas celebration was held on 22th Dec,2017 with great festivity and joy.