Thursday, 16 August 2018

Independence Day Celebrations: 

72nd Independence was celebrated with great zeal and honour. Degree Department,  Literati Club members organized the whole Celebration very  meticulously - Prayer for India,  Hoisting the flag, Groups singing Patriotic songs and speeches giving the significance of the day were also included. MBA department too took this opportunity to do their part to owe respect and had come with a small series of enactments depicting various social evils still gripping our Nation today and requesting the youth to fight these evils and make India truly free. Enactments included concepts of freedom from violence against women, freedom from exploitation and pollution of nature freedom from communal differences.

Rexona Communicates All-Day Freshness with College Students. 

Speaking to the students the volunteers said, “The thinking behind the Rexona was to create awareness about hygiene with the youth and bring out the core proposition of the brand. The concept fitted in well as Rexona is a hard working brand, doesn’t let you down, and promises all-day freshness. It has received a great response from all the students.”

Faculty Development Program

Faculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education. It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution of higher education has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to students. So as an Institution who strongly believes on the above said principle a Faculty development program on “Personal Effectiveness at Work Place” was conducted by Mrs V. Vyjayanthi on 10/08/2018. 

Wide range of topics were discussed and analysed like Increasing diversity of students - with varying age, aspirations, cultural, and academic backgrounds. Effective faculty must support the learning of those students with diverse learning needs, and develop curricula and teaching strategies appropriate for a wide range of learning environments.

The opportunities and challenges of technology: Technologies offer many opportunities to enhance learning processes with information, simulations, and engaging learning activities, and faculty members must have the knowledge and skills to take advantage of these advances in their teaching and curriculum planning.

GHMC Drive

GHMC have adapted new methodologies to curb mosquito menace by using technology to alert people about the need to control the mosquito population responsible for vector-borne diseases. Accordingly, GHMC developed a mosquito app to help the citizens in learning more about mosquito menace, besides earning cash prize through lucky draw. 

This mobile app is introduced to bring awareness among people of Hyderabad on prevention and control of Dengue, Malaria Mosquito control & to encourage citizens to practice and assist the Municipal Corporation in Mosquito control activities. Every month, a DRAW will be taken from those who have answered correctly all questions in the App and submitted and thus, 10 such eligible citizens will be selected and given prizes.

As a part of that initiative GHMC authorities came to the college showed how to download the app and encouraged the students to participate in the quiz contest. Students showed keenness and eagerness in downloading the app and partaking in the quiz.