Saturday, 25 May 2019

08-05-2019 - FDP for Staff members- ‘Goal IT’ by Mr. Ajaya Panda-CEO, Rebooot life Solutions, Pvt Ltd.

07-05-2019 - MBA Library & U.G. Library– Inauguration of New books arrival


 04-05-2019 - Farewell-MBA( The Masquerade Ball)

30-04-2019 - Farewell- Degree Final Year (Aloha 2k19)

27-04-2019 - Annite’s got talent- Degree Pre-Alumni interaction

27-04-2019 - Gracius St. Ann’s- MBA Alumni Engagement Programe.

26-04-2019 - Guest lecture “Careers opportunities in the field of Insurance” for B.Com II and III year students.

26-04-2019 - Training for MBA I  by Wealth Tree group – Live Finance projects will be given by this company.

22-04-2019 - Guest Lecture “Careers in statistics” Degree Statistics students.

20-04-2019 - Parents Day Celebrations(Degree Final) and Parent-Teacher meeting.

18-04-2019 - E-Cell Activity for UG Students.

 12-04-2019 - E-Waste and solid waste Management Drive  by Recykal company

02-04-2019 - “Where are the Women?”- Awareness workshop on sexual harassment against women at workplaces (Prevention, Prohibition& Redressal) Act, 2013. conducted for Degree and MBA recruited students.