Thursday, 8 December 2016


The club conducted a practical session on Google forms for final year students on 06th December,2016. Quiz competition was also conducted based on the college blog & website. Various ppt's were presented related to technology.


Star competition was conducted for U.G students on 19th November, 2016.


The Sci-Pi club celebrated world science day “SCIENTIA” 2016 with a tagline sharing data knowledge and innovation on 10th November 2016. B.Sc students presented PPT on the importance of Statistics, Mathematics, and Electronics etc. Quiz competition was conducted to the U.G students.
The event was successful with the cooperation and support of B.Sc staff and students.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

MBA Freshers party was celebrated on 05th November, 2016.


B.COM Students visited Pochampally Handloom Park as a part of industrial visit on 5th November, 2016. The college has provided an opportunity to study the complete process of weaving on handloom of Pochampally Ikat Sari.  The trip was to create awareness regarding each and every step from making the thread, dyeing, designing and weaving on handloom. And then it was followed by a visit to a Sales showroom and later to the Pochampally village to shop various beautiful woven patterns.

GEOP Club - TECHTON Competition

        GEOP club conducted a ppt presentation competition on 31st October,2016 for  U.G.  The objective was to give an opportunity to explore and exhibit their  inner talents in the form of innovative visual presentation skills. Students prepared ppt on "Ethnic Day Celebrations at St.Ann's" in the given time of 1 hour. Students from B.Com and B.Sc formed into 35 teams and took active participation in the competition and shown their skills. The winners are :-
1st Prize - Farwa and Ameena - B.Com(C) II yr
2nd Prize - J.Pooja and Samarpana - B.Com(c) II yr
3rd Prize  - Sulail and Neha - B.Com(c) I yr

Role Play Competition on 28th October 2016

Personality role play competition was held for MBA students on Friday to give An opportunity to practice a situation that might encounter in their careers or personal lives and help students to gain Empathy for others Students were given personality who is famous in different fields like political, movies, sports entrepreneur etc. each participant was given 10 minutes time in which audience and judges asked questions on personality. Some of roles chosen by students are Kiran Bedi, Kajol, Samantha, Sania Mirza, MP kavitha, LAxmi Manchu, Shreya Ghoshal,kareena kapoor,  Ashwini Nachappa,  and KCR. The competition has enabled students to Experience a different perspective and think creatively and  to see how they react to a situation In the moment.


1) Commerce Club @ Trades conducted a Cross Word Competition in Statistics. 10 Teams participated very enthusiastically and has shown great interest in solving the puzzle.

2) Commerce Club organised an activity on 27/10/2016 with a theme India and Industry.  B.Com II year students were given a task to present brief presentations on some major industries  of India.  The main objective was to create awareness of different industries, their origin, growth and development.

3) The presentations also focused on the role of these industries in the growth and economic development of India. 9 groups presented their study in the form of PPT.  It was a knowledge sharing meet and was very informative for the commerce student community.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

              On 24th Oct, 2016, ETV plus visited our campus with their team “JIL JIL JIGA” to organize their show.  It was a day long extravaganza and students were ecstatic.  Our students showcased their talents in different areas of entertainment like solo dance, group dance, singing, mono action etc.  The anchors were professionals and they extracted the best out of students.   Then we had a short break where our college provided delicious lunch to all the team members of JIL JIL JIGA.

           Afternoon session had started with various games conducted by the crew. Students participated with zeal in GUNNY JUMP, BALLOON BLAST, SYE ANTEY SYE and GARLAND GAME.  The program was a treat to watch and melodramatic.  Cheers and claps filled the air and the show inspired students to swerve to the music.  It was a good exposure for the students to see how much team work is essential to put up a successful show.
  On this note we would like to thank our principal, Sr. Emmy and respected members of the staff who gave us wonderful opportunity to express ourselves.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

B.Sc students visited ICRISAT as a part of Industrial visit on 18th October, 2016.

Ethnic Day was celebrated on 07th October, 2016.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Science Exhibition was organized in college seminar hall on 4th October,2016.

Orientation program was conducted for MBA first year batch 2016-2018 on 3rd October,2016.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Social wing of our college "Carlo Club" visited Home for the disabled at Bansilalpet on 8th September, 2016.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Teachers Day was Celebrated on 3rd September, 2016.


Independence Day Celebrations...