KSF 6th October 2018

Finance Club – Blue Chip

The theme for the KSF activity of Finance Club, Blue Chip was Crowd Funding. Crowd Funding is an innovative source of raising funds in small amounts from the public via the internet for a specific purpose like a business venture, charity/donations , religious or political activities. 
To enable the students to have a practical exposure to investing and getting returns, the club members ran a crowd funding campaign. (watch video below) to mobilize a fund of Rs.2,000.
                  The contributors were promised a return on the units purchased. The fund was invested in food stalls and game stalls set up on the campus by the club members for 2 hours. The revenue generated was Rs.4,800 approx. and after deducting fund expenses the amount was distributed among the unit holders. Each unit holder got a return of 100%. (i.e Rs.20). The stall members were asked to prepare the accounts for their stall and ascertain the profit /loss and present the balance sheet. 
Students participated enthusiastically and were very excited about doubling their investment in just a week. Ms.Sirisha Goud, Ms.Anisha Thomas and Ms. Jhanavi did a presentation on the concept of Crowd Funding followed by a short quiz on the same. Overall it was a great learning experience.

HR Club - Kaizen 

The Club members have depicted Employee Engagement in a three scene Skit which was continued by a PPT titled “ Employee Engagement to Employee Experience”. The presentation brought about salient points of the shift from emloyee engagement to employee experience with focus on Deloitte as an example which is an organisation implementing this concept. 
There was an activity conducted by the name “ Date : No Late” which required participants to be grouped randomly and members within a group have to arrange themselves in the order of their date of birth excluding the year, within the given time duration. 

Marketing Club - PK 

Presentation: PPT was presented on how online shopping has changed global services paradigm concept “ Trends in Online-Services” by Ms. Phani Deepthi and Ms Sunaina of MBA III Sem.

Activity: An Activity named ”Product Jodi” Was conducted for MBA I Sem students, with 20 girls divided into 4 groups consisting of 5 members in each team. A pair of products was given to each group asking them to present or demonstrate or enact like an ad by using names of the given pair of products. The objective of the activity is to acquaint the students about creativity in marketing and promotional strategies through advertisements. It embraces of humorous & conceptual ad presentation by the students. Finally PK Club MBA III sem girls performed dance on ads showing festive offers. The winners of the competition are keerthana, Ayarkeerthi, Divya, Prasuna and Sri laxmi reddy.

MBA club Activities conducted on September 15, 2018

HR Club - Kaizen 

Presentation: PPT on flexible work arrangements named, “Tax, Flex, Max” conveying the message “Do not Tax your brains too much, Flex your work arrangements and Maximise your potential”. It covered types of flexible work arrangements followed globally, throwing light on the companies that are giving Flexi Year option to its employees.

“Tie and Fly”:  An activity for MBA Juniors. Each team consisted of 5 members with a member as the leader. The leader directs 4 blindfolded team members to the destination using only oral instructions. The aim of the activity was to foster team spirit and leadership skills.

Finance Club - Blue Chip 

Presentation:  PPT on “Recent Financial Scams” by P. Alekhya, K. Susmitha and B. Uma Rani of MBA  Sem III

Country Suno Currency Pakdo: An interesting activity involving students was conducted wherein students were made aware of different countries and their currencies.  A fun game imparting  basic  general knowledge.  The winner of the game was Niloufer of MBA Sem I .

Financebola: “Financebola” (Tambola spin off) was conducted for juniors.  Students were divided into ten groups along with two senior students in each group.  Answers were given to the groups beforehand and students had to choose the correct answers for the questions asked. The intention was to make the students gain fundamentals of finance through fun. The game ended in a draw and no winner was declared.

Marketing Club - PK 

Presentation:  PPT on Traditional and Trending topic “Marketing Research” (TopResearch Agencies in India) by Ms.Lahari and Ms.Mamtha of MBA Sem III
Activity :  An organized activity for MBA 1st years. It was conducted in 2 rounds with 24 students divided in to 6 groups. 1st round “Head Brand”- Students were paired; one student should enact the product which is stuck on another student’s forehead. The aim is to showcase their creative bent of mind for advertising, brands and marketing related endeavours. 2nd round named “Beja- fry customers” in which students enacted a skit on 

“Gayathramma shop” of showing different fickle minded customers visiting this shop. Based on this skit, the groups were questioned on  the type of customers visited and the type of  products asked by them from the shop. The winners are Ayarkeerthi, Divya, Shivani,and Kiranmai of MBA Sem I

Start Up Club

Presentation - PPT on “Business Model Canvas” to enlighten students on a systematic approach to start a business venture.

Activity: an activity was conducted on “Innovative Idea” each team of 5 members of 5 teams have selected different resources and were motivated to create a innovative product. They were judged on the basis of their creativity, team work and marketability. The winners Ms. Shivani, Ms Supriya, Ms. Kiranmai, Ms Kalpana, Ms. Nazia of MBA Sem I

KSF Activities - 2017

Blue Chip Club activity was conducted on 22nd October,2016. 

KSF Finance Club Blue Chip under the mentorship of Dr.Y Sucharita, Ms Rajani and Dr. Ujwala organised a finance activity Finance Mania with the theme,  Finance is Fun on 22nd October 2016.
The event started with an introduction of the Finance Club and a documentary on the making of Finance Mania. The three clubs, Finance, HR and Marketing presented papers on:
1. Venture Capital Financing by Shreshta, Anisha & Prashanthi (Blue Chip Club)
2. Glass Ceiling by Shravya, Annapoorna & Tanmayi ( Kaizen Club)
3. Movie Marketing by Vaishnavi Iyer & Navya Sripada.(P.K. Club)
Finance Mania was a match of handball to be played between two teams Bulls vs. Bears. The two captains selected were Ms Navya Goud for Bulls and Ms. Archana for Bears. The team captains started bidding for the team players by answering a simple Quiz on Accounting & Finance.
To add spice and entertainment the blue chip members performed for a song on the importance of money.
Once the teams were selected, the next activity conducted was Currency Puzzle where the two teams had to put together a picture puzzle of popular international currency. The winners got the choice of selecting a coach from the faculty members.
The next activity was Wise Investment Right Investment a portfolio construction game. The winning team got the first chance of selecting their group of cheer girls. This was followed by a game of Hand Ball, between the Bulls & Bears where the two teams put in all their energy to score goals. During break time a small skit on the benefit of investing in Mutual Funds was staged by the blue chip members.
After an exhausting game of half an hour both the teams were awarded prize money by the principal Sr. Emmy Gracy for their energised and enthusiastic participation.  The event was well appreciated by the Principal, Staff and all the MBA students.

Kaizen club activity on September 21st 2016

KSF (knowledge sharing forum) formal session started with presentations by students on “WHISTLE BLOWING” by Kaizen club, “RELIANCE JIO” by PK club and “BREXIT” by Blue chip club members.

To bridge the gap between theory and practice HR CLUB conducted many activities, consisting of various rounds pertained to HR area like HR Wordle, EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT ROLE PLAY and SITUATIONAL ROUND.

Finally, a short-film video on the role of HR in organizations “HR Mania” was presented.

BHARTHI was declared as “HR QUEEN”.

PK club activity September 7th 2016

       KSF (knowledge sharing forum)  formal session started with presentations by students on “Marketing Innovative Buzz Words” by PK club, “Green HR” by Kaizen club, and “Mobile Banking” by Blue chip club members.
       To test students’ knowledge on brands and Products, PK club conducted group activity in different rounds on marketing area like tag-line round, followed by identifying logos, jingles round, and celebrity endorsement rounds were held. The students of PK club dedicated a dance on “Tribute to Indian Ads” and punch Dialogues with products. All the students participated with full enthusiasm and exhibited their potential.  These activities are designed to build team spirit of participants and also organizers.


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