Seminar by Mr. Prabhakar, branch manager of Angels Brokings - based on topics - Stock Market, Economics, Statistics and Research.

Seminar on Spiritual Intelligence - Sr Emmy (Principal)
30th August, 2016.

Faculty Presentations

Faculty Development has a critical role to play in promoting academic excellence and innovation.The Knowledge Sharing Forum (KSF) of the Department of Business Management strives to help faculty members fulfill their multiple roles by designing and implementing activities like workshops, seminars, presentations etc.The academic years first session of KSF started with faculty presentations of one of their research works.

Dr. Y Sucharita : The Role of Independent Directors and Corporate Governance: An Evaluation.
Mrs M Soujanya: E- Recruitment a Better HR Practice
Mrs Sridevi: Bottom of the Pyramid Marketing
Mrs. D.V.S.Shilpa: Net Neutrality: Government Intervention in India.
Mrs. D. Anuradha: Social Responsibility – an Ethical Dilemma in Entrepreneurship
Ms. Rajani:  Emotional Intelligence and Game Theory
Mr. Y. Giri: Role of Higher Education Libraries and Librarians in the Knowledge society

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