About Us


It is committed to providing value-based, skill-oriented, Management and IT Education that transforms and empowers lives into competent personalities, socially responsible, morally upright and emotionally balanced.

St. Ann's is committed to empowering women professionally and technically, moulding them into capable persons who are committed to their personal and professional endeavors and who have the vision, courage and dedication to initiate and manage change.
To reach out to the less privileged ones through professional education and make them on par with others, convert their hopes into reality.
Ensure all round development of students' personality and professional skills to enhance their employability.
Envisage to become instruments of providence and signs of Hope to the hopeless and downtrodden through its educative mission, fostering the integral growth of the person.
Continuous innovation, initiation, modernization and development are the basic fundamentals of our educational systems.

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